One Mic Sessions

It was a massive honor to be a part of Boo Ray's band for the One Mic Series with producer John Cuniberti at the legendary Sun Studios. There's a massive history in that room and to hear a band record through one mic only, just like when Sun originally opened was a huge feeling. On top of that, I'm playing parts written by Steve Ferrone, so it was a huge honor. 

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BRISTOL, UK Cindy Wilson Show review

"Lemuel Hayes’ drums took a proper battering as he’s a powerful drummer, but this wasn’t plodding pounding rather he had plenty of swing and drove the more rock material with power whilst grooving like a melonfarmer on the disco cuts. Never has a 4 x 4 beat sounded so funkalicious."

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Austin Drum Cam Footage from the Cindy Tour

Had a good time on a 10 day run with the Cindy Wilson crew. Went south to NOLA and Austin, west to SLC and Denver and then baaaaack to Louisville. Here's the drum cam from Austin's 3Ten gig.