So we've got some options: I can come to you, we can both meet at a studio, or I can cut tracks on my own.


Drummer or producer in Nashville needing to rent a kit? I've got stuff and you can rent it over at Nashville Vintage Drum.


Recording rig

UA Apollo 8P x2 (16 channels total)
Pro Tools 12
Ableton Live 9
Shure Beta52
Shure SM57s
Telefunken M81
Blue Hummingbirds
Stager SR-2N
Cascade X-15 
AKG C214
Sennheiser MD421-II
Electro-Voice RE20
Electro-Voice 635A
Digital Reference Red Howler
AKG P170
Trash Talk Telephone Mic



Trixon Telstar (13/14, 14/16, 16/20)
Ludwig Standard (13, 16, 22, 14s)
WFL (13, 16, 17, 22, 24)
Rogers Ohio Era (12, 13, 16, 20)
C&C SuperFlyer (13, 16, 20)
Leedy 4x15 1920s NOB
Ludwig 4x15 1930s 2 piece NOB
Ludwig 5x15 1930s 2 piece NOB
Sugar Percussion 6x14 Alaskan Cedar
JTP 7x15
Ludwig 5x15 Black Magic
Gretsch Brooklyn 6.5x14 Bell Brass
C&C 6x14 LPL
DW 5x14 Super Solid
Leedy 30s 5x14
AHA 5x13 Brass
Custom 7x13 Walnut Stave
DSH 5x16 maple
Trixon 5x8
Sonor 2x10 Jungle
Remo Rototoms (6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18)
Sonor Rotary Tympani (13, 16)
Ludwig Vistalite Concert Toms (14, 16)
Ludwig 60s 10x28 Bass Drum
WFL 50s 10x26 Bass Drum (single tension)
Custom 10x16 Bass Drum
Custom 5x16 Gong Drum
Paiste, Zildjian, and Keplinger Cymbals